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How often do new Assets get added to the site?

I aim to do atleast 1 or 2 asset drops per month, around the middle and end of each month. The amount of assets uploaded does fluctuate depending on certain factors.

Originally my output was far higher as I had less contract work on, but I've found it difficult to maintain a consistent output as my freelance workload has increased. It's something I'm conscious of and am working towards improving.

Rest assured, there are always new assets in the pipeline, I just ask for patience :)

Do you accept models from others to be uploaded?

I certainly do! If you are considering donating models to the site, I'd just like to say a huge thank you.

You can either drop me an email at or head on over to Discord where there is a dedicated channel to do so.

Before sending any files, please read through the following as I have some general guidelines for best practice:


File types I accept: Fbx, Obj, Gltf, Glb or Blender files.

Please provide atleast 1 reference with your model. Please ensure that your model is of real world scale, or provide accurate dimensions so I can amend the model myself.

Quad topology is preferred but not necessary.

Your model does NOT need to be unwrapped, as it is likely I will be amending the topology.


I cannot guarantee your model will be accepted to go onto the site, as I need to ensure a consistent quality of what I upload. If a model is not accepted, I will do my best to provide feedback on how to improve the model.


Final note: By submitting models here, you are releasing them under the CC0 license. Please only submit a model if you are ok with this.

Can I use these Assets in commercial works?

You certainly can as these models are under the CC0 licence. There are no restrictions in how you use the Assets.

Feel free to credit in your project but it’s not mandatory.

This license gives you the freedom to use the Assets as you see fit. Removing the restrictions allows you to make full creative decisions.

“You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.”

Learn more about the CC0 license.

There is a problem with one of the Assets, what should I do?

If there is any issue with the download link itself, or the contents of the ZIP, please get in contact via Discord, Twitter or the Contact page.


I’ll do my best to rectify the issue as quickly as possible.

Can I request a model to be made?

Absolutely! You can do this by either getting in contact via the Contact page, or heading over to the Discord and putting in a request there. It’s worth mentioning that requesting a model doesn’t mean it’ll be made as soon as it’s requested, as there are already plenty of models to create in my backlog. Putting in request is the best way to put something on my radar though.

  • Provide an accurate name for the object (so I can find more reference myself)

  • If possible, provide a reference image

  • (Optional) Let me know how you intend to use the model as I may be able to find related objects to compliment it

How can I support you?

If you like what I’m doing and wish to support the website, you can do so in a few ways.

  • Share it with anyone that you think would find it useful

  • Head on over to the Contact page to let me know what I can do better! Your feedback is incredibly important to ensuring I can provide the best service possible going forward.

  • Tip me through Ko-Fi.

  • Credit if you use a model in your project (only if you’d like)


I fully appreciate that not everyone is in a financial position to donate, but if you are able to, it would mean a world of difference. The next best thing is to put some good out into the world in your own way.

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