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Prop Changelog

Tim Steer

3 min read

As the library has grown, various problems have reared their head. Solving some of those problems is easy, but dedicating time to them has been challenging.

One such problem that has been knawing away at me, is knowing that the library assets may not be completely consistant - perhaps some of the naming feels off or the UVs could do with some tweaking. I could go through each asset one by one, but I was itching to tackle the problem head on.

When I was faced with the reality of creating the site from scratch, it felt like the right time to bite the bullet and dive in head first.

I took a deep breathe, and decided on an approach. I ended up making a MASTER Blender file, imported every asset I've created and got to work renaming things, checking UVs, n-gons etc.

It took a lot of work but I am really happy with where I got to. This also enabled me to make sure similar assets were facing a consistent direction, double check sizing. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner!

The Master file containing all Assets

Side note: If you happen to encounter any issues, please do let me know! Sometimes I don't notice an error until I check it myself, so making me aware really does help!

Below is a list that outlines the vast majority of changes made.

  • Renamed various Decorative elements to be more consistent

  • Renamed some Architectural elements to be more consistent

  • Fixed n-gons on Wellington Boot

  • Fixed up unmerged verts on avocado_slice

  • Removed floating verts on elephant_jigsaw_ornament

  • Fixed n-gons on breastplate_armor_01

  • Removed unnecessary internal edge on door_06

  • Fixed some tris on foam_finger

  • Fixed n-gons on soda_can ring pull

  • Fixed unmerged verts on pizza

  • Fixed n-gons on cast_iron_log_burner

  • Fixed n-gons on deck_chair

  • Fixed n-gons on display_table_03

  • Fixed unmerged verts on food_prep_table_corner

  • Fixed n-gons on garden_bench_01

  • Renamed trellis elements to be consistent

  • Fixed n-gons on trellis_square

  • Adjusted mesh and UVs of compass_pouch

  • Adjusted UVs on toilet_roll

  • Removed internal Polys on vintage_iron

  • cartoon_bomb had no UVs. Now unwrapped

  • Renamed pallet group to be more consistent

  • Fixed n-gons on metal_can_handle

  • Renamed and rescaled metal_twist 05 & 06 for consistency

  • Simplified dish_sponge geo and redid UVs

  • Fixed n-gons on fish_slice

  • Fixed n-gons on freezer_block

  • Fixed unmerged verts on griddle_spatula

  • Rotated various Kitchen elements for consistency

  • Fixed unmerged verts on lantern_01

  • iron chandelier_01 mesh was misspelt. Fixed.

  • Removed edge and fixed n-gon from rounded_wedge,

  • Removed n-gon on guitar_stand_01

  • Removed floating verts on birdhouse

  • Fixed n-gon on feather_01 and adjusted UVs

  • Unwrapped grass_blade set

  • Reunwrapped log_02

  • Merged overlapping verts on bulldog_clip

  • Uprezzed pen_tidy

  • Fixed various issues with wet_floor_sign

  • Fixed n-gon on skateboard_truck

  • Fixed n-gon on computer_keyboard_01

  • Fixed n-gons on hand_dryer

  • Fixed n-gon on plug_socket_01 and reunwrapped

  • Removed floating vert on retro_computer

  • Remade base of crt_monitor with more resolution, and reunwrapped

  • Removed edge from wood_barrel, cleaned up geo and reunwrapped

  • Fixed n-gon on knuckle_duster

  • Fixed n-gon on short_sword

  • Fixed n-gons on border_fence

  • Fixed n-gons on colorado_barrier

  • Removed floating vert on stone_wall_fountain

  • Fixed n-gons on walking_trail_log_bench

  • Fixed n-gon on water_filled_barrier_01

  • Removed floating vert on axe

  • Removed floating vert on broom

  • Removed floating verts on craft_knife

  • Removed floating vert on hacksaw_02

  • Reunwrapped magnifying_glass

  • Fixed up n-gons on saw

  • Fixed n-gons on toasting_fork

  • Merged outdoor_wall_light_01 from 2 pieces into 1, and reunwrapped

  • Fixed n-gons on oil_tin_can_01

  • Cleaned up geo on organizer_drawers_01

  • Cleaned up geo on organizer_drawers_02

  • Fixed a few n-gons on locker_01

  • Unwrapped glasses_01 as they weren't previously unwrapped

  • Fixed n-gons on cast_iron_stove_door

  • Fixed n-gons on cleaning_trolley

There were a few other bits but for the first couple of hours I wasn't keeping track of the changes, then thought "better log this somehow". Anyways,

thank you for reading. I hope the hard work has paid off and the library is in an even better state for you to use!

Happy Creating


Tim Steer

3 min read

Apr 7



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